Why do we need a new year resolution?

I have always been a fan of journals, but I never got around to write every single day. Sometimes I would forget and sometimes writing even a sentence was difficult.

This new year’s, I figured, I’d take a resolution and get myself a diary and be done with it. Thanks to Amazon Prime, it arrived the next day.

The first few days, it was so tempting to look at the blank pages waiting to be filled with everything and anything going on in my life. I waited impatiently for January.

By the time it was the 27th, I just couldn’t take it anymore. I had so much to tell and the diary was calling out to me. I picked up a pen and wrote nearly five pages that day, dating 27/12/19 on a diary with 2020 written in bold.

You must be wondering, why I am telling you this.

Well, the catch here is, there is nothing like a new year resolution.

I know calling it a resolution has psychological effects on your brain, but it will be like sugar rush, you’ll soon get over it and back to waiting for the next year to start something new. You will fall back into the cycle. The cycle that was created to make a business out of what was a revolution around the Sun.

I won’t say I scarred my diary but that I just earned myself a new perspective on life.

Don’t wait around for the year to end, if you want to change your life, you have got to start today, or probably now.

When the time is right, the time is right.

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