Have you lived the best day of your life yet?

There’s one day which is very clear in my mind.

I was interning at a newspaper place near my hometown and was asked to visit an event.
There was a huge crowd outside trying to enter. The guards trying to control them. I went near the entrance with an ID of a reporter.

The guard asked, “Madam, press”?
I nodded.
He opened the gate for me.

It felt so damn amazing. Entering a place almost so easily. Like an authority figure.

But this article isn’t about me, it’s about you.

And not just about the best day of your life.
About every day of your life.

We live and earn and work for that one day in the future where everything would be perfect.
But are we there yet? Have you asked yourself why not?

If you look at the 24 hours in a day, I am sure you can take out one hour each day, to do something you would do in the future on that perfect day. And you can make a little part of every day perfect.

Every day of your life, you could have the best moments.

Next time, someone asks you what was the best moment of your life, you should be answering, every moment.

Because life is made up of moments, and moments are made up of you.

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