Don’t let anyone tell you, you’re not a fan!

Recently, a male friend asked me if I watched soccer when I showed interest in the upcoming London derby. It seemed more sexist than curious. But his next question, sent me into contemplation.

Do you watch the match for the sport or for the players?”

Why do I watch soccer?

I can remember the Manchester Derby that took place in September 2009 and the El Clasico in 2010. I don’t know who scored the goals but I do recall how they were scored.

It made me realize there are only a bunch of players I know that I can count on my fingers. And of course, Van Persie(we share the same birth date).

“You will find people in the world who know more about the science than about the scientists.”

And it’s nothing embarrassing. It’s completely normal to be oblivious about the facts. Who says, you can’t enjoy something just because you don’t know the history of it?

For instance, I love poetry and I can call to mind some of the best ones but I forget the poets.

That doesn’t mean, I have no respect for them or anything. It just means, art is more important to me.

That isn’t to say it makes you less of a fan. If anything, you’re just the same.

Taylor Swift was right all along; “Cause you know I love the players, and you love the game.”

One thought on “Don’t let anyone tell you, you’re not a fan!

  1. Almost the whole world is sexist. News articles , advertising, conversations are the best examples. So the question doesn’t come as a surprise. And the contemplation is great by the way!!
    Eager to read your next article.
    Hope will get to read one soon.

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