A lasting first impression does more harm than good.

As I held his hand for the first time, it sent jitters down my spine. I kissed him back and promised a second date. But did I really want to see him again?

We meet many people in our lives, and many more online. The first date is always about showing off our best self to create a lasting impression. But that’s not all there is.

It creates a perception of a person who isn’t really there. After a while, when the habits and patterns start to catch up, you believe the person has changed. That this is not the person you fell in love with.

But that’s not true, since you never really fell in love with a person. You fell in love with an idea. An illusion that was so near perfect, you believed it could be real.

You try to change him. Eventually, you start having fights. Your relationship fizzles out. Every effort you put in, comes to an end.

You don’t know what you did or what went wrong. Over time, you get back in the dating game and absentmindedly make the same mistake again.

So, decide right now, never to repeat it. Just be who you are, and I promise you’ll find someone meant for you.

And the second date would be worth it.

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