How could something outside of you break something inside of you?

When I couldn’t find you on the right side of the bed, I knew something was wrong. I opened the wardrobe and all your stuff was gone. That was it. You leaving, broke me into pieces. Or so, I thought.

The first time I read the quote;

“The Person Who Broke You Can’t Be The One To Fix You”

It made me wonder if going back to a familiar face could actually be a bad idea. It also made me wonder whether someone unknown, who doesn’t know me at all, can fix me.

But more than anyone else in the world, only I knew how I really felt. Only I knew what I was going through.

I was aware what needed to be done to get over what life was throwing at me. And sometimes, you need to throw it in your face, that you can’t possibly control everything.

Something happened. It hurt you. It was external. Let your external energy deal with it. Don’t let it get in the way of your inner peace. You owe yourself that much.

You owe yourself all the happiness in the world.